Harriett Sosson’s career encompasses painting, collage, and dance. She has shown in New York City, California, Philadelphia, Portsmouth, Copenhagen and in Cape May at the Soma Gallery.  She attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  Harriett was the recipient of the distinguished Cresson European traveling fellowship, traveling extensively throughout Europe, and later residing in Denmark supporting herself painting china for Bing og Grondahl. Her first job in NYC was in the print shop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art where she first started her long involvement with collage. Harriett was one of the early “10Downtown” studio exhibiters, a precursor to the open studio concept we now see in many cities. After spending twelve years in New York City as an artist, illustrator and set painter, Harriett settled in Cape May in 1977, where in addition to her own artistic career, she was instrumental in creating the Community Outreach Dance Network summer program, a non-profit organization sponsoring area children in dance and art.  She also designed many Earth-Week programs for children in Portsmouth, New Hampshire at The Music Hall.